Youth Health and Gardening Project

Needy households are trained in organic gardening (using the “Farming God’s Way” methodology) and are helped to establish Household Gardens.  

Philakahle supports each Household garden with 6m x 9m garden fencing material to protect the gardens from livestock. These gardens help the youth/ children and their families with food security (in some cases the beneficiaries are on chronic treatment so this helps family members to take their medication with nutritious food). The gardens also supplement household income through the sale of garden produce.

MUMSY HLATSWAYO – Youth Health and Gardening Project CO-ORDINATOR

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Eight (8) Garden Volunteers who voluntarily help their neighbours with good gardening advice and practices, were each given a 210 litre water drum, to harvest rain water for their gardens. In most of these villages, there is a serious shortage of water, so the drums are going to be a great help. The garden volunteers truly appreciated this gift.



This was a project done to showcase what a pereson with limited amount of space can achieve. A bag was taken, filled with soil and potatoes were then planted. The pictures show the process from start to finish




Another household gardener who has learned to fully utilize all her
various produce for both consumption and sale.

Mrs. Ndaba from Moyeni in her garden she eats and
sells her produce

Gogo Mabaso managed to raise enough money from her garden that she bought chickens and started a new business. After the tragedy of having her home broken into and her chickens stolen, Philakahle donated chicks and chicken feed to Gogo Mabaso to start her business afresh. Here, she is receiving her gift with a smile alongside Mumsy Hlatshwayo

Gogo Mazibuko raised enough money from her garden to start a handcrafting business, and here, we see some of our overseas visitors buying her product.

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