Philakahle Computer School


Philakahle Computer school is run as a self-funding business with 13 computers provided by Philakahle Wellbeing Centre, and it began in March 2019. Philakahle provides oversight in the running of the computer school. This program is very helpful to young people, as they have limited exposure to learning computer at school.

The computer school equips youth for tertiary studies and business opportunities. Through working relations with other structures around the community, the Philakahle Computer Training School aims to build sustainable programmes to deliver the best services to the youth, as well as not neglecting other age groups.

The Philakahle Computer Training School wants to see itself become the best skills development centre around the district that provides valuable information to make better communities.

COMputer school services

Basic Computer Training Course

  • Cashier Basic Course
  • Free Leaner Driver Lessons
  • Leadership Skills
  • Project Management


class is in session

phiwayinkosi ngcobo making sure everything is set before his class

class is in session

Computer Student Receiving his
Certificate after computer
course completion

Administration office

this was our first ever class in march 2019

this is how the certificate looks

Success storY

Our former Computer School student who is now studying in Newcastle, doing her Early Childhood degree, was very grateful for the skills she acquired at our Computer School. She said, ”The computer training course helped me pass my admission test, because I know how to use the computer.”